IBM Supply Chain
Interactive Billboard

The Studio worked with Ogilvy & Mather to create this reactive color billboard for IBM. The sign adapts to people standing in front of it by changing color to match their outfit. To achieve this, we developed custom software to read a live video signal, extract the color, and control high-brightness architectural LED arrays. We worked with Hard Decor to design and fabricate a custom sign exterior that securely contains the electronics, breaks down for shipping, and has been approved for airport installation.

tsfim_video(854, 480, ‘ibm/ibm_poster.jpg’, ‘ibm/ibm.mp4’);



Project Team

  • Agency Ogilvy & Mather
  • Creative Director: Adam Lau, Tom Godic, Greg Ketchum
  • Agency Producer: Ed Zachmeyer
  • Art Director: Milton Correa
  • Writer: Jones Krahl
  • Illustrator: The Office
  • Interaction and Technical Development: The Studio for Interactive Media
  • Fabrication: Hard Decor